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International Economics and U.s. Exports Essay Example Essay Example

Global Economics and U.s. Fares Essay Example Paper Global Economics and U.s. Fares Essay Introduction Global Flow of Funds Lecture Outline Balance of Payments Current Account Capital and Financial Accounts International Trade Flows Distribution of U. S. Fares and Imports U. S. Parity of Trade Trend International Trade Issues Events That Increase International Trade Friction Factors Affecting International Trade Flows Impact of Inflation Impact of National Income Impact of Government Policies Impact of Exchange Rates Interaction of Factors Correcting a Balance of Trade Deficit Why a Weak Home Currency is certifiably not a Perfect Solution International Capital Flows Distribution of DFI by U. S. Firms Distribution of DFI in the U. S. Components Affecting Direct Foreign Investment Factors Affecting International Portfolio Investment Impact of International Capital Flows Agencies that Facilitate International Flows How International Trade Affects a MNC’s Value Chapter Theme This part gives an outline of the universal condition encompassing MNCs. The part is full scale arranged in that it examines worldwide installments on a nation by-nation premise. This full scale conversation is helpful data for a MNC since the MNC can be influenced by changes in a country’s current record and capital record positions. . Parity of Payments. a. Of what is the current record commonly created? ANSWER: The current record balance is made out of (1) the parity of exchange, (2) the net measure of installments important to outside financial specialists and from remote speculation, (3) installments from global the travel industry, and (4) private endowments and awards. b. Of what is the capital record commonly created? ANSWER: The capital record is made out of every capital venture made between nations, including both direct outside speculation and acquisition of protections with developments surpassing one year. . Swelling Effect on Trade. a. How might a moderately high home swelling rate influence the home country’s current record, taking everything into account? AN SWER: A high swelling rate will in general increment imports and diminishing fares, consequently expanding the current record shortfall, different things equivalent. b. Is a negative current record hurtful to a nation? Talk about. ANSWER: This inquiry is proposed to empower feelings and doesn't have an ideal arrangement. A negative current record is thought to reflect lost positions in a nation, which is troublesome. Universal Economics and U.s. Fares Essay Body Paragraphs However, the remote bringing in reflects solid rivalry from outside makers, which may keep costs (expansion) low. 3. Government Restrictions. In what manner can government limitations influence global installments among nations? ANSWER: Governments can put taxes or shares on imports to confine imports. They can likewise put burdens on salary from remote protections, along these lines demoralizing speculators from buying outside protections. On the off chance that they release limitations, they can support global installments among nations. 4. IMF. a. What are a portion of the significant destinations of the IMF? ANSWER: Major IMF destinations are to (1) advance collaboration among nations on global money related issues, (2) advance soundness in return rates, (3) give transitory assets to part nations endeavoring to address awkward nature of universal installments, (4) advance free portability of capital assets across nations, and (5) advance organized commerce. b. How is the IMF asso ciated with universal exchange? ANSWER: The IMF in engaged with worldwide exchange since it endeavors to settle global installments, and exchange speaks to a noteworthy segment of the universal installments. 5. Conversion scale Effect on Trade Balance. Would the U. S. parity of exchange shortfall be bigger or littler if the dollar deteriorates against all monetary standards, as opposed to devaluing against certain monetary standards however refreshing against others? Clarify. ANSWER: If the dollar debilitates against all monetary standards, the U. S. parity of exchange shortfall will probably be littler. Some U. S. merchants would have all the more genuinely thought about buying their merchandise in the U. S. assuming most or all monetary forms at the same time reinforced against the dollar. On the other hand, if a few monetary standards debilitate against the dollar, the U. S. shippers may have just moved their bringing in starting with one outside nation then onto the next. 6. Int erest for Exports. A generally little U. S. parity of exchange deficiency is generally ascribed to a solid interest for U. S. sends out. What do you believe is the basic purpose behind the solid interest for U. S. sends out? ANSWER: The solid interest for U. S. sends out is usually credited to solid outside economies or to a feeble dollar. 7. Effect on International Trade. For what reason do you think worldwide exchange volume has expanded after some time? By and large, how are wasteful firms influenced by the decrease in exchange limitations among nations and the persistent increment in universal exchange? ANSWER. Global exchange volume has expanded in view of the decrease in exchange limitations after some time. It might have additionally expanded for some different reasons, for example, expanded data stream (through Internet and so on ) between firms in various nations. Wasteful firms are antagonistically influenced on the off chance that they need to confront harder rivalry from remote firms because of a decrease in exchange limitations. 8. Impacts of the Euro. Clarify how the presence of the euro may influence U. S. worldwide exchange. ANSWER: The euro took into consideration a solitary money among numerous European nations. It could support firms in those nations to exchange among one another since there is no swapping scale hazard. This would potentially make them exchange less with the U. S. The euro can expand exchange inside Europe since it dispenses with the requirement for a few European nations to trade monetary standards when exchanging with one another. 9. Money Effects. At the point when South Korea’s send out development slowed down, some South Korean firms proposed that South Korea’s essential fare issue was the shortcoming in the Japanese yen. How might you decipher this announcement? ANSWER: One of South Korea’s essential rivals in sending out is Japan, which creates and trades a significant number of similar kinds of i tems to similar nations. At the point when the Japanese yen is powerless, a few shippers change to Japanese items instead of South Korean items. Thus, it is regularly proposed that South Korea’s essential fare issue is shortcoming in the Japanese yen. 10. Impacts of Tariffs. Expect a basic world wherein the U. S. trades soda pops and brew to France and imports wine from France. On the off chance that the U. S. mposes enormous duties on the French wine, clarify the probable effect on the estimations of the U. S. refreshment firms, U. S. wine makers, the French drink firms, and the French wine makers. ANSWER: The U. S. wine makers profit by the U. S. duties, while the French wine makers are unfavorably influenced. The French government would probably fight back by forcing taxes on the U. S. refreshment firms, which would unfavorably influence their worth. The French refreshment firms would profit. Propelled Questions 11. Facilitated commerce. There has been impressive force to diminish or evacuate exchange hindrances a push to accomplish â€Å"free exchange. However, one disappointed official of a sending out firm expressed, â€Å"Free exchange isn't possible; we are consistently helpless before the swapping scale. Any nation can utilize this system to force exchange hindrances. † What does this announcement mean? ANSWER: This announcement suggests that regardless of whether there were no unequivocal obstructions, a legislature could endeavor to control trade rates to a level that would viably decrease outside rivalry. For instance, a U. S. firm might be disheartened from endeavoring to fare to Japan if the estimation of the dollar is high against the yen. The costs of the U. S. oods from the Japanese point of view are too high as a result of the solid dollar. The opposite circumstance could likewise be conceivable in which a Japanese sending out firm is estimated out of the U. S. advertise due to a solid yen (feeble dollar). [Answer depends on fe eling. ] 12. Worldwide Investments. U. S. - based MNCs generally put resources into remote protections. a. Accept that the dollar is directly frail and is required to reinforce after some time. By what method will these desires influence thetendency ofU. S. speculators to put resources into outside protections? ANSWER: The desires for a solid dollar would dishearten U. S. nvestors from contributing abroad. On the off chance that the dollar is moderately frail now, U. S. investorsneed more dollars to make buy remote money (when contributing). On the off chance that thedollar fortifies over their speculation skyline, they willexchange the foreigncurrency (as the venture is sold) into dollars at a less good conversion scale than the swapping scale at which they changed over dollars into the remote money. That is, the swapping scale impact would lessen the yield that they acquire on their speculation. b. Clarify how low U. S. loan costs can influence the propensity of U. S. - based MNCs to contribute abroad. ANSWER: Low U. S. nterest rates can support U. S. - based MNCs to contribute abroad, as financial specialists look for more significant yields on their speculation than they can win in the U. S. c. By and large terms, what is the fascination of remote speculations to U. S. speculators? ANSWER: The fundamental fascination is conceivably more significant yields. The universal stocks can outflank U. S. stocks, and worldwide bonds can beat U. S. bonds. In any case, there is no assurance that the profits on global speculations will be so ideal. A few financial specialists may likewise seek after universal ventures to differentiate their speculation portfolio, which can lessen hazard. 3. Conversion scale Effects on Trade. a. Clarify why a more grounded dollar could augment the U. S. equalization of exchange shortage. Clarify why a more fragile dollar could influence the U. S. equalization of exchange deficiency. ANSWER: A more grounded dollar makes U. S. e

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Digital Technology And Manipulation Media Essay

Computerized Technology And Manipulation Media Essay The primary gadget designed that could digitize or make simple photos accessible in a computerized group was a scanner made by Russell Kirsh in 1957 (Terras, 2008). The scanner worked by taking a gander at the varieties in tone inside photos and doling out an advanced an incentive to speak to a tone band. Rather than making another photo this scanner duplicated a current photo and recorded it carefully. Since photos can be checked to an advanced organization, the underlying simple negative would now be able to be controlled carefully and reality esteem held by simple photos would now be able to be tested. During the 1960s advanced imaging innovations was still just utilized by enormous foundations, for example, NASA and the American government. It was not until the 1980s that the media started to utilize advanced imaging innovations. Computerized innovation could be utilized to upgrade the clearness of transmissions and accelerate the time where photojournalists had the option to send pictures to the media. In 1982, National Geographic distributed a photo of the pyramids at Giza on the intro page of the magazine, see Figure 6. The photo has been controlled to fit a level photo of the pyramids onto the representation front of the magazine to make the intro page all the more spellbinding (Terras, 2008). Note that this occurrence of control was one of the first by a perceived association. National Geographics editorial manager, Fred Ritchen who chose to pack the pyramids felt he had accomplished another perspective by the retroactive repositioning of the picture taker a couple of feet to the other side (White, 1999). Ritchens safeguard to allegations of controlling the photo was that if the picture taker had moved and snapped the picture at an alternate time then the photo would be the equivalent. Anyway the reality remains that this photo was not the one that was made. The way that the photo was controlled was not communicated. It was confessed to have been controlled when different colum nists scrutinized the photo. Howard Chapnick (1982) contended that the words Credibility and Responsibility permit picture takers to consider photography a calling because of moral contemplations instead of a business (p.40). Chapnick proceeds to contend that not keeping up these morals will harm journalistic effect and photography as a language. Finally, he keeps up the danger to believability is changeless if individuals start to doubt the news photo (p.41). In 1985 computerized cameras turned out to be generally utilized by proficient picture takers. Organizations additionally showcased advanced imaging camera to the general population for local use. During this time the handling capacities of PCs was additionally progressing and given an approach to people to stack picture control programming and control photos. In 1991 the American government and the media utilized computerized photography as an innovation without precedent for a war domain. Not exclusively was advanced photography used to photo the war yet was utilized in weapon frameworks by America (Floridi, 1999). A substantially more ongoing current utilization of advanced imaging innovation is live electronic control. Controlling a live feed permits the altering of satellite picture takes care of. On the fly picture altering might be utilized in sports programming to show lines on pitches or by governments to conceal ordered structures from satellite symbolism that is accessible to the open, for example, Google Maps. News TV stations and can likewise utilize innovation to plant content channels underneath reporters. Delta Tre flexibly FIFA with sports information administrations and on screen designs (Bevir, 2012). In 2012, the association of European Football Associations put recorded film of a fan crying at the opening of the game and played it after one of the groups had dominated the match to make for all the more convincing TV. Amato (2000) contends that as this innovation turns out to be increasingly across the board and accessible the believability of video media will be harmed for al l time. Somehow or another this is like National Geographics controlled Pyramid in that the two portrayals existed however were controlled to give uplifted sensation. The capacities that computerized imaging innovation have given have been utilized by Walt Disney Imagineering Studio to take existing photos and film of matured or dead famous people made in the past to be utilized in new projects or movies (Amato, 2000). This utilization of innovation to control media proves how simple photos and movies are powerless to these procedures and furthermore poses the inquiry of what is the last item? Is it basically a controlled bit of video film or another creation altogether? Mitchell (1992 p.192) contends that it is another creation completely. Mitchell (1992 p.192) likewise contends that photography as of late has entered a stage which he terms pseudophotography implying that advanced photography isn't photography. Despite the fact that the two strategies are practically identical, they have distinctive control possibilities which are inspected in the following area. Control Since Digital photography Savedoff (1997, p.19) contends that innovations change as opposed to just add to the assets of workmanship. This implies photography as an artistic expression has been adjusted by included control potential. This new advanced imaging practice ought to have moral thought for the control of photos. Nonetheless, this has not occurred because of the powerlessness to separate between the computerized or simple photo when printed making trouble for forcing an alternate standard for every strategy. Photographys relationship with reality as recently sketched out is clear in a computerized photo that has been printed, anyway the relationship made by the light response won't be available in an advanced photo. In a simple photo made through a substance procedure there is space for contention that the relationship with light stays unblemished. Despite the fact that this follow seems to be clear in a photo made by computerized implies, the follow is definitely not a substance response yet an adva nced portrayal of the real world. Also, computerized photography is boundless in the quantity of modifications or controls that can be applied. These controls leave practically no proof of themselves. Current advanced camera permit the picture taker to survey the picture made and hence permits them such advantages of changing the organization until they are happy with the outcome. Pictures are controlled by utilizing PCs and picture altering programming, for example, Adobe Photoshop, alongside scanners to digitize simple pictures. In this way, photos made before computerized photography are powerless against control simply like the previously mentioned instance of Disney laid out before (Bouse, 2002). The nearness of advanced imaging innovation has changed photography and its relationship with veracity forever. This loans proof to Bouses contention that old photos might be all the more broadly trusted and that computerized photography makes perusers of pictures mindful of current controls as well as of those in the past moreover. The peruser of a photo, albeit mindful that the photo was made before the innovation of computerized advancements knows that the photo may have been cont rolled and in any case changes the manner in which the peruser deciphers all photos, controlled or not (Savedoff, 1997). This implies advanced innovation has diminished the veracity of photography because of perusers presently questions all photos. Finally, it is exceptionally hard for the normal peruser to recognize controlled and non-controlled photos. Michelle Henning (2007) contends that advanced imaging innovations have empowered constrained better approaches for controlling a photo. Henning proceeds with that advanced innovations have just made the control of photos increasingly accessible. Henning likewise contends that people in general was beforehand unconscious of picture control procedures before the innovation of computerized imaging innovation. Computerized control has made the open increasingly mindful of photograph control and perhaps expanded how regularly pictures are controlled. Computerized versus Analog Photography has been changing since its introduction to the world during the 1800s and a considerable lot of the progressions have been driven by innovation yet were constantly founded on compound responses to light. During the 1820s Joseph Niepce found a technique to for all time fix a photo utilizing lavender oil and bitumen. Niepce quickly formed this strategy further into heliographs made by utilizing silver nitrate. Eduard Daguerre was additionally searching for an approach to photographically record subjects and reached Niepce to work with one another. After Niepce passed on, Daguerre found that mercury could fix pictures considerably more for all time and made the Daguerreotype which Daguerre accepted at the time serves to draw nature and enables nature to duplicate herself (Hirsh 2000). Since photographys development the possibility of a gadget that could make unmediated portrayals of the truth was generally accepted however at this point we start to see photography may not m erit the verisimilitude it has been attributed. Simultaneously Henry Fox Talbot chipped away at a photographic technique utilizing paper print. Like the production of photography and the making of computerized photography these progressions and advances were driven all the while by a few people on the double. The daguerreotype turned into the most well known and was generally used to make exceptionally straightforward pictures. Afterward however, intrigue was given to the Calotype made by Talbot. The Calotype was less dependable however took into account prints to be recreated considerably more effectively and permitted more noteworthy detail with the print in any event at first. During the mid-1800s negatives were produced using glass and covered with egg whites paper. These demonstrated significantly more reproducible and gave more nitty gritty and more honed outcomes than before strategies. As to advanced strategies, has computerized photography made recreating pictures simpler b ecause of the way that computerized pictures when put away on a PC can be copied in a split second and withou

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Building Knowledge Maps With MindMeister and G Suite

Building Knowledge Maps With MindMeister and G Suite How to Build Collaborative Knowledge Maps Before coming to MeisterLabs I worked as an assistant for a publishing house that due to its stressful working environment had extremely high employee turnover rates. When I first got there, my predecessor had already left. With her she had taken all the knowledge she had acquired over the 3 years that shed been there, from the names of important press contacts to the print  specifications of the books the company was publishing. I spent around 90% of my first  six  months there trying to reconstruct workflows, gather information and rebuild connections an incredible waste of time and resources. Figuring out how stuff works can be an interesting and even exciting  part of your job, but knowing that the information youre looking for has already been found by a colleague or worse, by yourself and simply not been preserved or handed over properly, thats another thing entirely. Preserving Institutional Knowledge Organizations  spend a lot of time developing knowledge, but many of them dont have any sort of system in place to ensure that this knowledge is preserved and accessible for all appropriate team members. This often leads to huge knowledge losses when key employees leave; it complicates the onboarding process of new staff; and it keeps personnel busy with research when they could be concentrating on much more  important tasks. As with all things in life, there are lots of different  ways of curating and preserving institutional knowledge. Some companies set up  simple internal wikis, others employ often expensive  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems such as OnBase, DocuShare or Laserfiche. What kind of solution works best for you depends on the size of your organization, the  industry youre in, your budget and a lot of other factors. The system were going to show you is completely cloud-based,  which makes it ideal for remote teams. Its flexible pricing model  makes it a great solution  for both  startups,  non-profits, and larger businesses. And its collaborative, which means all team members can easily access and edit assets, even at the same time. Heres how it works: How to Build Collaborative Knowledge Maps Knowledge maps enable  organizations to tap into their  collective intelligence, build institutional memory, become more efficient, agile and adaptable. They ensure that the knowledge of individuals is easily accessible for other team members as well as preserved for their successors.   To build a collaborative knowledge map, youll need MindMeister as well as G  Suite (formerly Google Apps). MindMeister is where youll create the map(s) the visual structure of your organizations knowledge. The mind map format used in MindMeister is easy to navigate, provides a great  overview and enables  members of your organization to quickly find what theyre looking for. G  Suite is what youll use to create and store the knowledge assets themselves. Using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms you can create assets and store them directly in the cloud on Google Drive. Instead of physically adding attachments to the branches in your maps, youll simply add links to them which point to the assets that are stored in Google Drive. This way, you can link to an asset from multiple places in the map structure without having to duplicate the asset. This is particularly important for assets that need to be updated from time to time you dont want to have to update the same text document 5 times! So heres how to set this up: Step 1: Sign up for a G Suite account. Be sure to get the special edition for governments and non-profits if it applies to you. Step 2: Visit the G  Suite Marketplace and add MindMeister to your G  Suite. Sign up for MindMeister using your G  Suite login. Step 3: Create a basic folder structure in Google Drive. Creating folders for the different departments of your organization (e.g. marketing, sales, development, design) is generally a good way to get started, but the  structure very much depends on your organization and the types of knowledge assets youll want to store on Drive. Step 4: Start creating and curating assets. Use Googles collaborative apps to create text documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets and more. You can also upload files created with other tools, such as image  files, videos or audio recordings. Step 5: Create your  master map in MindMeister: Open MindMeister and create a new, blank mind map. This  will serve as the  master (or index) map which provides the user with a starting point for their search. Write the name of your organization in the center of the map, then create branches around the center. This is where youll have to start putting some thought into it, because youll want to make the map structure as intuitive and easy-to-navigate as possible.  Think about the different search scenarios  the users could be faced with. For instance,  they may know what type of asset theyre looking for (e.g. a presentation template), but not know which department it belongs to (design, marketing, sales); they may not know whether the asset theyre looking for exists at all; or they may be starting a new project from scratch and need a whole range of assets for that in the correct order. Thats whats so great about the  mind map format: You can easily create multiple different paths which all lead to the same asset. You can also just paste a  link to a particular asset in multiple locations.  For example, a color palette may be important for graphic designers, but may also be useful for content  marketers. Tip: Provide tips  on how to navigate the map in an extra branch in the master mind map. Step 6: Create your system of sub-maps Each branch in your master mind map can link to a new sub-map, which in turn can link to more sub-maps (or simply link to the assets on Drive). To create a sub-map from a branch, just right-click on the branch and select Tools Create as map This will create a new sub-map and automatically add a  link to it to the branch in your master map. To switch from one map to the other, just click on the chain icon that appears in the branch. Tip: Download our white paper on Solving Your 5 Biggest Business Challenges with G Suite, MindMeister and MeisterTask. Step 7: Fill your sub-maps with knowledge and assets: Each branch (or topic) in a mind map can hold vast amounts of information. Once youve selected a topic, you can use the sidebar on the right to add notes, links, comments, attachments, or tasks to it. Use the notes widget for storing short definitions, terms, or explanations. Use the link widget to link to assets or folders on Google Drive, or link to external websites. Use the comments widget to leave instructions or tips on how to use an attached asset. Use the attachments widget to physically upload files to the map, either from your local hard drive or from Dropbox or Evernote. Use the task widget to assign topics to individuals in order to indicate responsibility. You can assign topics to anyone who was invited to the map via email. Tip: Use color codes, icons and arrows to indicate connections between individual branches, highlight important topics  or create an order (e.g. using number icons). When a  sub-map is finished, it can look something like this: Saving files on Google Drive and linking to them from a mind map is simple. The hard part about successfully creating a knowledge map is to provide a truly intuitive  search experience for the user; to create smart, logical paths; and to decide which assets need to be included in the knowledge map at all. What can be even more difficult is to create a culture of sharing and collaboration in your organization    because the best knowledge library is useless if its not used and maintained correctly. If you need help with this undertaking, consider hiring a professional to set you up. One consultancy that provides collaborative knowledge mapping for organizations is European-based Evoca. Take a look at our case study  where founder Manel Heredero describes how hes currently creating knowledge maps for OuiShare Fests.

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Education Is The Best Way For Education Essay - 1370 Words

Education s importance in the modern world should not be overlooked, has shaped the world we live in today. It enhances technological advances, brings economic success, and fosters prosperity all over the world, as Christine Gregoire once said, Education is the foundation upon which we build our future. Many officials and educators would agree this statement, but argue on the best way to deliver education to students today. To discover the best way for education to be taught, one must look into the purpose of education in our society as it has varied greatly overtime. Education in America first started in the colonial era when the Massachusetts colony decided that towns should have elementary schools with the goal to ensure that their children would be able to read the Bible and receive information about their religion. In today s world, I believe that the purpose of education is to create successful and contributing members of society. In each level of education there are different purposes such as primary, secondary, and post secondary education. Secondary education, or high school, has two purposes, to prepare students for living in society, being thoughtful, creative, and contributing members of it and to teach students how to learn. As post secondary education, or college, is becoming more affordable, it is now a viable option for high school graduates that in the past was not. In 1960, the rate of high school graduates attending college was 45.1 percent, today itShow MoreRelated Education Is Key: A Comprehensive Approach to Sex Education Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesSex education is about informing students about sex so that they can make educated decisions when the time comes to have sex. Sex education helps students protect themselves from unintended pregnancies, STDs, and HIV/AIDS. Stu dents should leave a sex education course with the right tools so they make informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being. The goal of sex education is to provide a student with as much information as possible so that they can use the skills they learned inRead MoreClass Dismissed By Meredith Maran1027 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to the author, the wise ways to invest time and money are important for parents to help their children gain better futures. The author mentions that parents who devote more time and effort are those who believe that schools and education will improve their children’s chances of success. Most of them benefited from education when they were students. In contrast, parents who do not believe schools and education put less effort into their children’s educations. In addition, the author pointsRead MoreImportance Of Arts In Education868 Words   |  4 PagesThe arts should be known as a core academic subject. Arts should be in ed ucation at schools because it helps with all of the students classes. Music includes about every subject. Math, with the counting and rhythms. English in the reading of the music; Science in the history of the writers the music and what time the music was written; History is the time frame of the songs and the music that tells a story; Physics, in the way the instructor conducts. Clearly music is a pretty important art. For exampleRead MoreThe Importance Of Formal Education1066 Words   |  5 PagesFormal Education is the pathway to become successful as a student. With Formal Education, it benefits the growth of the students mind. Formal Education helps build on the students critical thinking skills. Critical Thinking allows the students to develop new ways to look at certain topics or discussions with a deeper meaning. As a student, many obstacle of judgement and peer pressure will arise during our time as a student. Cultural myths can affect a way a student will most likely run i nto a specificRead MoreThe Purpose of Values Education in Schools Today1681 Words   |  7 Pagespurpose of values education in schools today Values are core traits and qualities that represent an individual’s beliefs and guiding principles, which form the foundation of who we are. Values of people in society differ from one another due to the culture, upbringing, religious beliefs and many other experiences that shape each and every human being. Primarily, values are fundamentally taught at a young age, these values are predominantly learnt from family and friends, the community and throughRead MoreEducation Is The Establishment Of Accomplishment1220 Words   |  5 Pages Education is the establishment of accomplishment, on the off chance that you have objectives and exclusive standards; you can fulfill them through education. Higher education is a system where a four year degree can give you a wide enduring future. Being that the higher education is the most specific way to achieve a goal in the future in terms of jobs and higher earnings. More on the higher education are now financially aided by the government and that helps students a considerable during theirRead More Education Today Essay759 Words   |  4 PagesEducation Today A college education is suggested to be the most heavily judged form of qualification to be looked at when looking for career opportunities. But what is a college education? Is it something you go out and buy at the most prestigious of College Universitys? Do you simply hand over 25,000 dollars a year, and at the end of 4 years, give or take a few, you are handed a diploma that says, Educated? In my opinion, this is todays view on what education is. It is less ofRead MoreThe Value of a Liberal Education1802 Words   |  7 Pagessociety we view education as many things, but among the many views and opinions of education there are two major views we see that stand out, education is a right for all and education is necessary only for finding a successful career. To be more exact, it is a college education that is or should be available to all and is only necessary for securing a successful job. But before we even begin to think about a job or whether we want to pursue our God -given right to higher education we must first startRead MoreThe Impact of Social Media Upon Education1709 Words   |  7 Pages Social media is a necessity. Around every corner, a person is seen scrolling through the countless news feeds on their favorite social media sites. This fast developing technology is changing the way that the world communicates on all levels, even to the point that people text each other when they are in the same room. With the uprising of faster social media, hardly anything else is used to get information, or communicate it. The obvious fact that social media is truly everywhere isRead MoreNational Standards And Public Education1453 Words   |  6 PagesEducation has longed to be a part of this countries foundation and unfortunately for a long time there has been differing opinions about the standards and curriculum of public education. â€Å"And for as long as American have fought the culture wars, they have debated the role of education, the institution most essential to ensuring the reproduction of national identity.† (Hartman, 2013) This essay will evaluate the sides for and against the creation of national standards in public education. The high

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Outline Of Alzheimer s Alzheimer S - 2283 Words

I. Introduction: Alzheimer’s A. Why I chose Alzheimer’s: Kevin Arnold once said, â€Å"Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose.† Memories are the things hold on to in life. Whether it’s bad or good, memories are engraved in us and as we carry them through our everyday lives they become a part of us. But what if as times goes by, those memories start to disappear? Imagine that the things you held onto for years could no longer be conjured up no matter how hard you tried. Or even worse, you begin to lose your language skills, ability to recognize familiar things and in turn, start to feel paranoid and confused constantly. For those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, as they age they experience a serious deterioration in one’s self. It was around the time that my uncle passed away that my Oompah started began to act a little different. He got frustrated a lot easier, paranoia became a daily occurrence and many times he would become uneasy even in his most familiar surroundings. We wrote it off as depression due to the loss of my uncle, his son. As his symptoms worsened we continued to write it off as depression, stress, or normal aging. However, as time went on he started to lose more and more of what made him my Oompah. My once smiley, happy, larger than life grandfather now fell into a life of monotone dialogue and we could no longer ignore the grey overtone and clouds surrounding him. He pretty much lived in aShow MoreRelatedOutline Of Alzheimer s Disease2765 Words   |  12 Pageshypothesis, Amyloid hypothesis and Tau hypothesis. Genetics EAOD LOAD The genetic heritability of Alzheimer s disease, based on reviews of twin and family studies, ranges from 40%to 70%, 0.1% of the cases are familial forms of autosomal dominant inheritance, which have an onset between the ages of 30 and 60.This form of the disease is known as Early Onset Alzheimer s disease(EAOD). Early on-set Alzheimer s disease is caused by any one of a number of different single-gene mutations on chromosomes 21Read MoreOutline Of A Speech On Alzheimer s Speech Essay1474 Words   |  6 Pagesperson is immense. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is a genetic disease. Researchers at the University of Cambridge state that they have, â€Å"Identified a specific signature of a group of genes in the regions of the brain which are most vulnerable to Alzheimer s disease.† So it has plagued many families for generations, and those that do have Alzheimer’s running in their family have to cross their fingers and hope they don’t have the gene. As of now there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but research is beingRead MoreHow The Patient Meets Criteria For The Disorders And Other Intellectual Capacities Are Changing After Some Time1321 Words   |  6 Pagesindividual s memory and other intellectual capacities are changing after some time. Tests can likewise help analyze different reasons for memory issues, for example, gentle subjective disability and vascular dementia. Alzheimer s ailment can be certainly analyzed simply after death, by connecting clinical measures with an exam ination of mind tissue in a dissection. (Garrett, M. D., and Valle, R. (2016) Investigate and clarify how the patient meets criteria for the disorder(s) as per the patient s sideRead MoreAlzheimer s Disease : A Normal Part Of Aging And That It Isn t Fatal1315 Words   |  6 PagesOutline Introduction a. i. There are people around the world that still believe that Alzheimer’s is a normal part of aging and that it isn’t fatal. ii. Research shows that Alzheimer’s disease causes changes in the brain for decades prior to the first symptoms become visible, so even people who seem free of the disease today might be at risk. iii. Alzheimer s disease has no survivors. It s a disease that destroys your brain cells and causes it to malfunction, change memoryRead MoreWhy An Annual Mandatory Driving And Written Test Will Separate Those977 Words   |  4 Pagesyet lack in other ability such as memory and if raod signs and rules of the road are still familior. According to Alzheimer s Society many indivduals with dementia may still be able to drive for some time until their dementia progresses. Part of the problem is that many older drivers feel that driving is a largely automatic activity and should be able to continue. The Alzheimer s Society also states that many with dementia retain their learned skills even after being diagnosed, and that drivingRead MoreDementia Awareness1508 Words   |  7 Pages1 Explain what mean by the term dementia The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer s disease or a series of strokes. 1.2 Describe the key functions of the brain that are - affected by dementia The main areas of the brain that are affected by dementia in terms of causing difficulties with their functions are: ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § Read MoreHealth and Social Care2195 Words   |  9 Pagesintelligence will never acquire certain skills, people suffering from dementia will lose skills they have acquired. Dementia is more common in older people. Certain forms of dementia can be treated, to some extent. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer s disease. 1.2. Describe the key functions of the brain that are – affected by dementia The functions of brain that are affected by dementia are the following: * temporal lobe which is responsible for vision, memory, language, hearing andRead MoreThe Notebook Book Review By Nicholas Sparks1426 Words   |  6 Pagesof an older woman who is quite frantic. Noah notes mornings are always more difficult and she always seems to calm down later when the nurses have gone. In The Notebook Allie and Noah were summertime lovers, but but soon were then separated by Allie s parents who didn’t think Noah was the best man for her. Despite the separation, Noah decides to write to her. However, Allie’s mother keeps the letters hidden from her daughter and Allie never knew that Noah was writing her letters. Noah soon finds aRead MoreWORK BOOK Unit 13 level 2 DEM201 NCFE2382 Words   |  10 PagesAnswer: The term dementia describes a set of symptoms which include loss of memory, mood changes, processing information and problems with communication and reasoning. These symptoms occur when the brain is damaged by certain diseases, including Alzheimer s disease and damage caused by a series of small strokes. Dementia affects older and younger people and the decline in the person will get worse as more brain cells are damaged or die. Question- (1.2) Describe the key functions of the brain thatRead Moredementia awareness3879 Words   |  16 PagesDementia The term dementia describes a set of symptoms which include loss of memory, mood changes, processing information and problems with communication and reasoning. These symptoms occur when the brain is damaged by certain diseases, including Alzheimer s disease and damage caused by a series of small strokes. Dementia affects older and younger people and the decline in the person will get worse as more brain cells are damaged or die. Describe the key functions of the brain that are affected by

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The Conflict With Peace And Honor - 931 Words

Life is full of conflict that if you don’t deal with them the right way it will haunt you. Bullying is one conflict that you need to solve the rights way or it will damage you. When I was younger, I was bullied and didn’t handle it well, sometime I want to go back and do things differently. Christine De Pizan wanted to solve a conflict with peace and honor while, Machiavelli wanted to you to face your conflicts head on by showing them you don’t fear them. I believe that is the way I should have solved this conflict telling on them, speak up for yourself, and fight back. You could always bully back but then are just as bad. Tell someone (snitch) on them let them pay without pulling the trigger. When I was bullied I didn’t do anything. I told no one and let it keeping going on. I thought I would be a bad person by telling. I learned at a young age due to friends, that what happens between friend stays with friends. Though they weren’t my friends, so I should have told someone and let them deal with the consequence. I am saying this because, you would not be the bad guy for protecting yourself from negative change. Machiavelli state, â€Å"Love binds when someone recognizes he should be grateful to you, but, since men are a sad lot, gratitude is forgotten the moment it s inconvenient. Fear means fear of punishment, and that s something people never forget. â€Å"(17.5) People that bully put fear into people so they won’t get in trouble. When they do this horrid thing they don’t wantShow MoreRelatedMiddle East Conflict Blood Feuds Essay851 Words   |  4 PagesMiddle East Conflict Blood Feuds The knowledge and understanding of blood feuds helps in the develop understanding of the current conflicts in the Middle East. The Middle East conflict started after World War II when the United Nations handed the Jewish people land once owned by the Palestinians. A conflict has occurred with the Palestinians who live together with Israelis that has led to terrorism and tyranny. Israelis believe they must control the Palestinians to stop their terrorism; whileRead MoreMoakley Peace Medal Acceptance Speech860 Words   |  4 PagesMoakley Peace Medal Acceptance Speech In accepting this award on behalf of my father, I would like to begin as he would, by offering his and my most sincere and humble gratitude to Chancellor Motley and to the University of Massachusetts and its distinguished members for creating this medal and for choosing my father and, in a broader sense, the YaLa movement, as the recipients of the Moakley Peace medal. The very existence of the Moakley Chair of Peace and Reconciliation and of the Moakley Peace MedalRead MoreHobbes And The State Of Nature1474 Words   |  6 Pagesman and civil government. As Hobbes sees it men are naturally in conflict. Hobbes sees three reasons for this. They are competition, diffidence, and glory. Following from the right of nature, which states that all men have the liberty to promote their own life, men naturally desire to obtain resources so as to promote their own life and obtain some form of the good. Yet there are only so many resources, and so men enter into conflict over competition of who will be able to have the limited resourcesRead MoreDifferences in the Tragedies of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet by William Shakespeare1621 Words   |  7 Pagestragedies of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet illustrate two very different conceptions of tragedy. Hamlet is a story about revenge, with a need for the truth to be reveled at all costs. Romeo and Juliet centers around innocence, soiled by prejudice of family conflict. The story surrounds the main characters, but the minor foils of each play give a deeper meaning to the actions of Romeo, Juliet and Hamle t. Benvolio and Tybalt are each trying to serve and protect their families. Laertes and Horatio will act inRead MoreCritical Analysis Of The Iliad1714 Words   |  7 Pagesdesire and rational ethical thinking. Throughout the book this conflict appears time and time again and puts to question exactly how the Greeks viewed ethical behavior. In the Iliad, Homer demonstrates that it is both the mortals and gods that struggle to find balance between the two. This issue goes so far as to be the underlying reason for the whole poem in the first place. Both the Greeks and the Trojans had plenty of opportunities for peace throughout the story. While these opportunities were madeRead MoreThe Iliad Essay1452 Words   |  6 Pagesillustration that a man or womans life exists with conflict. The Iliad illustrates that it is human nature to create and live with conflicts, whether by choice or not, in order to have purpose in life. Humanity creates conflict by means of external and internal str uggles, conflicts in humanitys own created ideas, conflicts in love, and even in times of peace, man create conflict. In terms of external struggles, humanity creates his own external conflicts to bring about resolution to a present problemRead MoreIslam Religion Of Peace Or War Essay1445 Words   |  6 PagesIslam a Religion of Peace or War Introduction: After the crisis of 9/11, the religion of Islam has raised a number of controversies. More specifically, the issue of Islam as a harmonious religion or not. In the last fifteen years, after 9/11, there has been multiple disputes among those believing Islam as a religion of peace, and those who believe otherwise. With any debate, numerous questions spring up to force the majority to believe their beliefs are the truth. Some of the questions orRead MoreShakespeares Act I Scene I of Romeo and Juliet as Dramatically Effective1046 Words   |  5 Pagespredominant themes of the play are love and hate, and the idea of honor, which are dramatized into a tragic love story. We learn this from the prologue â€Å" A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life†. Also in the prologue it outlines these themes- hate from two families (set in Verona, Italy), which have been quarreling for decades â€Å"From ancient grudge break to new mutiny† that convey an element of conflict in the play. The theme of love is a young man (Romeo) from one family Read More The Use of First Person Narration in The Cask of Amontillado825 Words   |  4 PagesMontresor. The first person narration results in an unbalanced viewpoint on the central conflict of the story, man versus man, because the reader knows very little about the thoughts of the antagonist, Fortunato. The setting of â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado†, in the dark catacombs of Montresor’s wine cellar, contributes to the story’s theme that some people will go to great lengths to fanatically defend their honor. Because Montresor narrates the story in the first person, the reader is able to perceiveRead MoreAncient Olympic Gamges to Modern Day Olympic Games Essay1191 Words   |  5 Pagescreated of no conflict amongst the fighting Greek city-states. Despite the role it played in uniting the city-states together, it eventually went away due to natural and human intervention. However, it has been brought back in the name of the modern day Olympics, which to this day, has recreated that sense of peace ancient Greece was able to achieve in the days of its golden age. The ancient Greek Olympic Games were not ordinary games like the modern day games. These games were held in honor of the Greek

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Driving Competition or Market Monopolization †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Driving Competition or Market Monopolization. Answer: Introduction This research program has been executed on the topic Brand Management Strategy of E-Commerce: A study of Amazon. Brands are being used the companies for providing a unique place to the products or services in the market. This research program will help in developing knowledge of the brand marketing strategy. Brand management strategy of Amazon will be discussed which have contributed towards the growth and success of Amazon. For the purpose of providing valuable information, different methods or approaches will be used. The research objective is decided for the purpose of setting goals which need to be attained from the execution of the research. This research program has been conducted with a motive to evaluate the marketing plan and brand marketing strategies which are being followed by Amazon. The purpose behind adopting this marketing plan and brand marketing strategies is to increase the sales as well as the expansion of the business. This research is being conducted for identifying the new and innovative marketing strategies which can be adopted by Amazon. Understanding will be developed regarding the branding and the brand image of Amazon. The discussion will be made regarding the use of the digital media and traditional media plans for the marketing of the business through e-commerce. Amazon is operating in the E-commerce industry and is focusing on the expansion of the business with the help of effective marketing strategies. Marketing has been used for the purpose of creation of the brand image. Changes in the marketing function are taking place in accordance with the change in the requirements of the customers of the business. The focus of the marketing strategies is on use of digital social media (Brown and Dant, 2014). Digital marketing has been used by companies which have enhanced the relationship of the business with the customers. It has promoted transparency and consistency. Size of the industry and business helps in determining the marketing and branding strategies of the business. There is a need to spread brand awareness among the public. Marketing has helped businesses in communicating with the customers (Buil, et. al., 2013). According to Haucap and Heimeshoff (2014), marketing mix and its elements are being used by the businesses for enhancing the growth of the business. Pricing strategies of Amazon have enhanced the chances of growth in the industry. Willingness to pay for the customers helps in making decisions regarding the discounting policy of the business. Digital social media has also contributed towards the attainment of the objectives of the business. Amazon is providing a platform to the suppliers to sell its products or services to the customers. The twofold platform is the part of the marketing strategy of Amazon. Mobile technology has enhanced the growth chances of Amazon as the free application has been used by the company for offering products or services to the customers. Market segmentation strategy has been used by Amazon which has helped in targeting the market in a better manner (Sharma, 2015). Research questions/Hypothesis Primary question What is the importance of marketing plan and brand marketing strategy for the business? Secondary questions What is the impact of brand marketing strategy on the performance of the Amazon? Which factors have motivated Amazon to use brand marketing strategies? Hypothesis Brand marketing strategies have enhanced the chances of growth and expansion of the business. Marketing has diverted the focus of business from the other functions of the business. Research design and methodology This section of the research develops knowledge of the various methods or approaches which will be adopted for the completion of this research program. For the execution of the research, there is a need to gather quality data. Research design or method: quantitative research method has been chosen after analysing various available research methods. This research method has been selected with a motive to gather quality data for the achieving the objectives framed for the research. The quantitative method uses primary and secondary methods of data collection for gathering the relevant data for the research program (Patel, 2009). Research approach: quantitative research approach has been selected after evaluating different approaches available. This approach will help in gathering reliable data for the execution of the research (Acaps, 2012). Data collection: a collection of data is an important aspect of the research which forms a base for the successful completion of the research. Primary and secondary methods of data collection have been chosen for this project. The motive behind the selection of these methods is to gather data in large quantity and updated data (Mwamadzingo, 2011). Data which is available in raw form and is collected from the respondents directly is termed as primary data. Secondary data is the second-hand data which is gathered from the reliable sources (Lehman, 2011). Procedures and techniques: a technique will be adopted for the analysis of the collected data. Random sampling technique will be adopted which will ensure that data is analyzed within the limited time frame and limitations are not creating an impact on the execution process of the research (Etikan Bala, 2017). Data analysis: this research program will be based on the quality data collected on the basis of the primary and secondary data. Analysis process will be initiated with the use of random sampling technique. This technique has been selected with a motive to analyze the data effectively and forming a conclusion. The analysis is an important part as the relevancy of the data can be maintained with analysis of the data. Research strategies: strategies are adopted for conducting the research in a proper manner. A systematic approach will be applied by the researcher. A sequence has been developed on the basis of the systematic approach. Choice: it is vital to select the methods or approaches after proper analysis so as to ensure that most suitable alternative has been selected by the researcher. Research time frame: this research has been divided into different activities on the basis of which actions will be taken for completing the research. It is vital to conduct the research within the time allocated for maintaining the relevance of the research. Collection of data and targeted market: targeting market is the process of identification of the source from where information has to be gathered for conducting the research. Decision has been made regarding the methods for data collection and as per the decision, primary and secondary sources will be applied. A questionnaire is to be prepared and distributed among the respondents. Different internet sources have been targeted for gathering secondary data (Lowry, 2015). Ethical consideration: the term ethics is the bifurcation between the right and wrong. Ethics will be considered during the execution of the research program. The motive behind adopting ethical values and principles is to ensure that research is conducted in a fair manner. Principle of honesty, fairness, confidentiality, and integrity will be adopted during the initiation and completion phase of the research. Research limitations There are few factors which have the potential to affect the research process. These factors need to be dealt in a proper manner for eliminating the impact of these factors on the research. Below are the limitations which can affect the completion of research: Availability of short span of time: time available is fixed and all the activities of the research are required to get completed within the time allocated. This is done with a motive to maintain relevancy of the program. Lack of control on the sources of data: data collection sources need to be identified for gathering quality data. For coping with this limitation, focus will be on primary and secondary data. Lack of resources: success of the research is dependent on the optimum utilisation of the available resources. Resources have been used in the most appropriate manner. Research Schedule (Research plan) Serial number Activities Starting date Duration (in Days) Date of completion Details A Initiating research topic process 13 September 2017 2 14 September 2017 During this activity, decision will be taken regarding the topic on which execution of the research will be done. B Constructing plans for the research project 15 September 2017 5 19 September 2017 Plans will be constructed for executing the program for the attainment of the objectives. C Initiation implementation process of the plans 20 September 2017 7 26 September 2017 During this activity, actions will be taken regarding implementation of the plans developed. D Making decision regarding the data collection methods 27 September 2017 1 27 September 2017 During this activity, decision will be made regarding the selection of method for data collection. E Analysis phase 28 September 2017 9 06 October 2017 Analysis of the data will be initiated in this phase. F Analysis of the collected data 07 October 2017 6 12 October 2017 The analysis will be made of the collected data for evaluating the data. G Conclusion and recommendations 13 October 2017 2 14 October 2017 Conclusion will cover key aspects of the research and recommendations will cover the aspects which will form base for future research. Conclusion Thus, it can be concluded from the above discussion that Amazon is performing well in the industry. It has adopted effective marketing strategies for the expansion of the business. Competition in the E-commerce industry is increasing and for coping with this issue, marketing strategies need to be followed by the company. Market segmentation strategy has been used by Amazon for reaching the targeted market. Marketing mix has been adopted for enhancing the brand image. References Acaps, 2012, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Techniques for Humanitarian Needs Assessment, ACAPS. Amazon, 2017,About Us, [Online] Amazon. Accessed on: 14 September 2017. Available at: Brown, J.R. and Dant, R.P., 2014, The role of e-commerce in multi-channel marketing strategy. In Handbook of Strategic E-Business Management, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 467-487. Buil, I., De Chernatony, L. and Martnez, E., 2013, Examining the role of advertising and sales promotions in brand equity creation,Journal of Business Research,66(1), pp.115-122. Etikan, I. Bala, K., 2017, Sampling and Sampling Methods, MedCrave. FBA Allstars, 2015, The 6 Keys to Consistent Amazon Sales ALL03, FBA Allstars. Haucap, J. and Heimeshoff, U., 2014, Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay: Is the Internet driving competition or market monopolization?,International Economics and Economic Policy,11(1-2), pp.49-61. Lehman, L. S., 2011, Introduction to Data Collection, NACCHO. Lowry, L. D., 2015, Bridging the Business Data Divide: Insights into Primary and Secondary Data Use by Business Researchers, IASSIST. Mwamadzingo, M., 2011, Techniques for data collection, ILO. Patel, P., 2009, Introduction to Quantitative Methods, Empirical Law Seminar, Harvard. Sharma, S., 2015, Internet Marketing: The Backbone of Ecommerce,International Journal of Emerging Research in Management Technology,4(12), pp.200-202.