Friday, February 21, 2020

The Legalization Of The Same-Sex Marriages Essay

The Legalization Of The Same-Sex Marriages - Essay Example The issue of same-sex marriage is a topic that will always garner controversies and it is hardly possible to establish any single perspective considering the myriad social, ethical, philosophical, religious and political aspects. According to a national study conducted by the University of Queensland, given the choice, 54 percent of same-sex partners are prepared to get married while 80 percent of Australians who are maintaining the same-sex relationship will advocate such marriages even if they do not wish to marry. There are many legal benefits for married couples and it is even more important for same-sex couples since they experience denial of legal rights because of social prejudices (12 Reasons Why Marriage Equality Matters, n.d.). There are other cultural benefits like each partner will feel more responsible towards the other. Moreover, it has been seen that if legal recognition is not given to same-sex marriages then it can have the adverse impact on the physical and mental h ealth of the partners involved. Social discrimination can lead to severe depression and lower self-esteem among these people. Such cases are more common among the young LGBTs who become prone towards running away from home, substance abuse, and suicidal tendencies (Renzetti & Edleson, 2008, p.337). If I am to consider my own opinion on this topic I will say homosexuals need not be subjected to any kind of discriminations and should be accepted with open arms within the society because being a homosexual is completely natural and harmless. There are a number of arguments against same-sex marriage. Children adopted by these couples are brought up away from one parent like lesbian couples will raise their children apart from fathers and vice versa. Thus the individual role of each parent like social security from fathers and emotional security from mothers will be absent for these children.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Health Reform Shaped by Nursing Research Assignment - 1

Health Reform Shaped by Nursing Research - Assignment Example d by the APRN joint dialogue group and the consensus work group is a step in the right direction because it included important stakeholders like the president. It is highly likely that the model will drive health reforms to new heights. Hauer, K. E., Durning, S. J., Kernan, W. N., Fagan, M. J., Mintz, M., OSullivan, P. S., et al. (2008). Factors associated with medical students career choices regarding internal medicine. Journal of the American Medical Association, 300, 1154–1164. Stanley, J. M., Werner, K. E., & Apple, K. (2009). Positioning advanced practice registered nurses for health care reform: Consensus on APRN regulation. Journal of Professional Nursing, 25(6), 340-348. I agree that the second source used is truly reliable and authoritative because it belongs to an agency of the U. S. Department of Health Services, the AHRQ. Also, the source is dependable because it contains articles from scholars who have contributed immensely to health reforms. The currency of the article under review and the fact that it contains evidence-based research also contribute to its authoritativeness. I concur that nursing research is important in shaping health reforms. Nurses have an important role in facilitating the Affordable Care Act, and, as such, they should be given the opportunity to play their roles in driving health reforms. Nurses are the ones who deal with patients directly, ensuring smooth transitions to home, preventing health complications and coaching